Every Word in the Bible, 3-year Plan

This plan takes you completely through the Bible, reading every word. Other Bible-reading plans allot only a year for this project, requiring that at least 3 chapters be read each day, but many readers find such a pace to be unrealistic and discouraging. For this reason, Every Word in the Bible assigns only one chapter a day. Some short chapters have been combined, so occasionally you will read two brief chapters in a day. In all, the reading plan works out evenly to a three-year total. This track alternates between the Old Testament and the New Testament. This mixing provides variety and reduces the fatigue that may set in from reading long sections of the Old Testament.

Time Commitment: Three Years.

Goal: To read all the way through the Bible with understanding.

To download a PDF of this Reading Plan, click here.

F260 1-year Bible Reading Plan

The Foundational 260 Plan expects believers to read 1 or 2 chapters a day for 5 days each week, with an allowance for weekends off. The 2 off-days a week are built in so you may catch up on days where you’re unable to read. It highlights 260 of the most important passages in Scripture and offers correlating memory verses for each week. With this type of reading plan, the desire is that you will be able to reflect and respond to what you’ve read each day. For more information, you can click here. To download a PDF of this Reading Plan, click here.

Online Bible Access

If you'd like to read the Bible digitally, you can use our church App or visit biblegateway.com. Try the New Living Translation or read more about translation suggestions here.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the person of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.  -2 Timothy 3:16-17