Ignited Teens Youth

What We Offer Youth   
Biblical Education – We believe that students should not only know scripture verses, but we encourage students to better understand the context of what they are reading.  Our desire is that students will have the Biblical knowledge to support their faith, and provide them with the confidence to share with others.   
Friendships – We create an atmosphere of belonging.  Students regularly share that they feel fully accepted and loved by others.    
Worship – Worship is such an important part of our relationship with God.  As part of our Wednesday get together, students spend time in praise and worship through songs.  It is not uncommon to see students lifting each other up and encouraging one another during this time.   
Ministry – Students are provided times to minister to others. It may be simple ministry within the church such as helping the elderly or parents of very young children during church fellowship meals.  Students have gone out into the community to plant flowers at the nursing home and mowing the grass of someone in need.  We feel it is important for students to show the love of God to others through their actions.    
Activities – We provide opportunities for fun and fellowship!  Activities are an excellent way for students to get to know each other better.  Our activities include monthly game nights and yearly low cost weekend retreats.  Our game nights are primarily designed as an opportunity for students to invite their friends who may have never experienced church before in order to see that church can be fun!  Our weekend retreats are always affordable for every student, and provide a time to get away to redirect focus back to God.   

Parents, regardless of whether or not your student decides to make their home with us or another church, regular attendance is critical to your student’s ability to connect with others.  Students who do not attend youth on a consistent basis generally struggle more to make lasting friendships within that youth ministry.  Don’t let that be your child.  Get them actively involved, so they can be connected!  

Contact Jim Bechard (910-554-9237) for more information.